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If you enjoy board games, especially Werewolf, you should not miss Among Us, Innersloth new and fascinating game. The links below will take you to the Among Us MOD APK version of this game.

Among Us

Introduce about Those Among Us

Innersloth Among Us is an immensely attractive multiplayer action role-playing game. The core concept of the game, inspired by the classic boardgame Werewolf, focuses around the teamwork, beliefs, and doubts of a crew of astronauts in space. There, the astronauts must discover a means to launch the spacecraft and escape space. However, a few killers have entered the team with the purpose of destroying everything. What will the astronauts’ future be?


The plot of Among Us takes place in a spacecraft in space, where the astronauts must try to discover a means to launch the ship out of space. However, there are imposters within the crew who are joining the ship in order to sabotage it. They have the ability to destroy the ship, cause confusion and splits, and even murder individuals. As a result, the astronauts’ mission is to locate anonymous imposters to leave the spacecraft before it is destroyed.



You are almost certainly familiar with the game Werewolf, thus the gameplay of Among Us does not need to be described in detail. Even for inexperienced players, the rules are simple to grasp. Because understanding the laws is only one aspect of winning, you must also be able to think.

Among Us requires the player’s creativity and understanding, as well as a moderate level of skill. Furthermore, werewolf-like games are highly entertaining when played with a group of friends. You’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot about each other.


When you first start playing, you are randomly allocated to one of the two camps. Either way, if you want to win, you must perform effectively in your aim and task.


Please do all you can to destroy all of the Astronauts, Imposter. To do this, it is important to first fool people by appearing to perform activities and conversing like genuine astronauts during dialogues. They might then conduct damage in order to create panic and split the team.

Find vents or get into rooms to kill crew members in silence. Because the Impostors have less numbers, success is more difficult for them, but if you create splits and kill important leaders in the Astronaut side, victory will be simpler for you.

Other features

The play style of boardgame games is frequently highly entertaining, especially when there are a lot of people playing. Depending on the amount of players, you may add an impostor, missions, etc. to make the game more exciting. The coolest part, though, is still playing with friends. It was a fantastic experience.

The victors will receive fresh and colourful skins for their avatars as a prize.

The visuals of Graphics Among Us are quite simple, featuring funny pictures of characters. Obviously, given the nature of the game, the visual aspect is secondary. The visual quality enhancement makes the game smooth and smoothest. This allows you to play for hours without having to worry about your health.

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Among Us MOD
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Requires AndroidAndroid 6.0
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New Update in Among Us MOD APK

V2021.12.15 – Bugs Fixed

Among Us MOD APK Features

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